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Browse some of the letters and E-mails Johnson Locksmith, Inc. Evanston, Illinois received from our satisfied customers. We want you, our potential customer, to read some of the favorable comments our customers have said about us in order to help you choose us as your preferred company! We'd be happy to provide additional references upon request.

Edgar H. 08/27/2010
Superb speed!!! I just want to get 3 keys duplicated for 2 additional sets, and Johnson got it done in 2 min!! Very nice and helpful.

Tricia l. 10/28/2009
Had a robbery and used Johnson yesterday to change all the locks in my house. They were so good I can't rave enough. I should go into more detail but I hve stuff to do but really, they are the bomb. Like, at my house within a couple of hours and got the job done and made all kinds of useful suggestions I hadn't thought of. Steve was just delightful and very professional, fast and very good. Great experience.

Carolyn G 8/7/2009
After we closed on our house, we realized that we had not looked in the garage during our final walk through. So, we open the garage doors and find that there's a truck parked in the garage. The attorney says the owner doesn't know anything about it. The agents say they'll take care of getting it removed. We close and lock the garage, and leave for the day.

The next day, we come back to find that the truck has disappeared from the locked garage. First, we're happy that it's gone, but then we're a bit upset that someone still has keys even though "all" the keys were turned over during closing. We had hoped to wait to change the locks until after the contractors finished doing some work in the house, but this incident lit a fire under us. We needed the locks changed STAT.

Johnson locksmith came out and suggested just changing the locks on the inside doors, but leaving the old locks on the storm doors. Even if someone still has the old keys, they can't into the house, and it will save us money. Nice point! Thanks for helping to save us money because it was still fairly expensive)!

When we're ready to change the storm door locks, I'll be calling Johnson.

So, I took the dog out for a walk and the minute the door closed behind me, I realized, uh oh the keys are on the counter..... and the door locks automatically. I never forget my keys and this is very distressing. I go downstairs, ask the doorman to call a locksmith. The guy on the phone was very professional and said he would have someone over in 10 minutes. Hooray! The guy they sent (I think his name was Steven) was really friendly and chatty and tried several different methods of opening the door. This was pretty sweet to watch because I am a huge nerd who has a rogue on Warcraft - ha! Anyway, third method worked perfectly! This metal rod thing that went under the door. Charlie and I were sooooo happy to be back inside that there is no way this place was getting less than 5 stars. The whole thing cost 91 dollars, and they take credit cards. This was so worth it. With Mr. N. being out of town, we had no other option. Steven even told me that if I wanted the locks changed, that in the next 30 days it would be 25 dollars. Thank you thank you thank you!
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